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A Documentary About Loss and Miscarriage

Deadline February 28th 2017

Due to an overwhelming response, and financial constraints (I'm a single income grad student after all), I cannot visit everyone.  However, I still would like to proceed with collecting everyone's stories to compile for what I think will be a very moving, therapeutic and inspiring film. Check out the video and information below on how you can participate in this film and share your story. Thank you so much for joining this journey with me.

Submitting Your Video - Deadline February 28th, 2017

  1. Get your your camera, smart phones, anything that records video.  In this day in age a phone camera is just as good as anything.  Just make sure that you are landscape(horizontal) when you shoot.

  2. Lighting is important, make sure we can see you. Outdoor lighting in the shade or on a cloudy day is always brilliant, but you can do it wherever makes you feel most comfortable. Contact me if you have questions or need suggestions.

  3. Sound. If you have a separate microphone to plug into your phone that's great.  If not, no worries. But do try to pick a place that has minimal sound pollution. Although, I don't imagine anyone doing this on a bus, a bus a would be a very noisy environment.

  4. See the questions I'd ask you if I was there in person down at the bottom of the page, you can also download a pdf.  Other than a couple of things, you can choose to answer these questions or you can tell your story however it moves you.  Some people may choose to look at the questions as a guide to help them tell their story.  Whatever works for you, remember this is your story. It can be 5 or 20 minutes, however, long you need to tell your story.

  5. Don't worry about editing, or Instagram filters or anything unless you really want to, that's my job. My degree is going to be in Editing, so I will color correct, cut and do all of the magic of video to show you in the best light.

  6. Create a Vimeo or a Dropbox account and upload.  If you use Vimeo you can select it to be private, so that no one can see it except people who have the link.  Dropbox automatically is private.

  7. Send the video link(either of the vimeo video or dropbox file) to

  8. Within 24 to 48 hours I'll send you a confirmation of receipt and a release form so that I can use your image/story in the film.

  9. I'll be updating the Facebook page and here with new developments, but documentaries take a while, especially since these will all be home videos.

  10. When it's finished, you'll also be invited to an online screening where you'll be the first to see the finished product.

Questions to Answer (those in bold are a must to address)

  1. Please introduce yourself. (ie name, occupation, age, marital status)

  2. What made you want to join this project? What do you hope to get out of it?

  3. Talk about life before your miscarriage(s)?

  4. When did you find out you were pregnant? Describe that moment, how did you feel? How and when did you tell your partner?

  5. For me, in a matter of days I planned out my entire future for my little one. Did you do the same?

  6. Tell me about your loss. Things to think about are how did the miscarriage happen, your emotions/reaction, how far along were you?

  7. What was life like after your loss? How or did you learn to cope in the short term and the long term?

  8. What about your relationship with your partner, family or friends?

  9. Did you tell anyone about your pregnancy and/or miscarriage?  What was their advice or how did they respond?

  10.  What should someone say to a person who has experienced this loss? Especially if they haven't experienced it themselves?

  11. Similar to the last question, but from your own experience.  What would you tell someone watching this now that may have just experienced a miscarriage? What advice can you offer them in this most vulnerable time?

  12. What were or are your thoughts on getting pregnant again?

  13. If you are an activist on child loss and miscarriage, what have you done to spread awareness or help other with their struggle?

  14. This is not a question, more of a request.  Please say on your video "I am not just a statistic, I am NOT just 1 in 4."

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